Nirahara Samyama

What is Nirahara Samyama?

Samyama means exploring and discovering your various possibilities and powers being centered on certain technique or spiritual process. Nirahara Samyama means exploring and discovering our body’s possibility without having  any external input like food or water.

The purpose of the Samyama is to awaken our own natural intelligence of making food out of natural resources like sun rays, air and the praana which is directly available to us from the space. Swamiji says if fish can swim, we can swim, if bird can fly, we can fly and if plants can make food directly from the air and sun rays, our body can  also do that. Every extraordinary capability and possibility is inside our bio memory.

When our bio memory is awakened, we don’t need a will. We just like that feel highly energetic and highly feeling excited. Mainly we get liberated from many patterns that got created with food.  Every human being associates his fears, greed, attention need and idea of love with food. All patterns associated with love and attention need is connected with food. Food is a very emotional zone. Now when we are liberated by master from food and patterns created by food, the first thing that will happen is the unnecessary emotions and sentiments associated with food will break. So the reasonless excitement, kind of subtle joy will be constantly happening in our system.



eN-Chanting – Ajapa japa

Feeling Connection – Mahabhava

Unclutching – Sahaja Samadhi

Ajapa Japa is one of the most powerful process and technique. It releases certain kind of energy from our body, nectar from the throat. Shakthi sanchaalana happens through Ajapa Japa means constantly the Kundalini is awakened but never allowed to go out of the body and it stays inside the body.  Japa means just the voice coming from the naval through the throat and tongue and leaving, a continuous linear movement of air getting converted to sound is Japa. In Ajapa Japa, the Guru Mantra: “Oh Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha” mantra is repeated constantly with the visualisation of the mantra moving in circular direction around the throat. A prayer wheel with the mantra written in it will help in Ajapa Japa in the initial levels  It helps in getting inside our inner space and unclutching becomes easy. Feeling connection – meditating on the Anandha Gandha Chakra remembering the master, being in Bhakti, the joy of looking for him and remembering him. Unclutching – Being an observer of  all the thoughts that arise by just witnessing them, neither encouraging them nor suppressing them.

What are the Levels in Nirahara Samyama?

Initially there are 3 levels of Nirahara Samyama where Swamiji leads the participants into a meditation to prepare the body to get the bio memory awakened. First level happens continuously for 2 days wherein the participants are supposed to take only liquid diet. After 2 days, Swamiji gives a break and asks the participants to take their regular solid diet for a day or two. The Next level happens for 7 days again during which the participants are expected to take only liquid diet following which a break for solid food is given for a day or two. The Third level happens for 11 days. On completing the third level taking only liquid food for 11 days, the participants is eligible of doing THE LEVEL. During the first 3 levels, the participants can either come on 2-way video conferencing or Nayana Deeksha or can also participate in the physical presence of the master. THE LEVEL happens continuously for 21 days only in the physical presence of the master. All the 3 levels are practiced one after the other in each batches. A participant is expected to complete all the 3 levels at a stretch following the liquid diet in a single batch itself. If the participant happens to break out of Samyama, either not able to sustain with liquid food and eats solid food, or couldn’t come continuously on 2-way or fall sick, they have to again continue from the first level. For example, if a participant practising Samyama at some day in between the 2nd or 3rd level, he/she is expected to start again from the first level of the next batch.

What are the liquids that I can have while practising the Nirahara Samyama?

All juices, buttermilk and clear soups are allowed as a part of liquid diet. It is important that the participant should not take anything that is chewable or solid while taking these liquids

Important to be noted while practising Nirahara Samyama

Swamiji had clearly mentioned that at any point of time during the Samyama, if the participants feel hungry, sick or tired, they have to immediately break the Samyama and take solid food. It is important for the participant to take care of their health. Once they break their health, it would be difficult for them to undertake any more Samyama that Swamiji would give in future. It is essential to always practice EFU (eN-Chanting – Ajapa japa, Feeling Connection – Mahabhava and Unclutching – Sahaja Samadhi) while in Nirahara Samyama.

Can I practice first 3 levels of Nirahara Samyama without being in 2-way video conferencing or just being in 1 way (watch through Nithyananda TV). I can’t always come on 2-way.

Swamiji gives a KRIYA for all the Nirahara Samyama participants where in he puts them in a process and awakens their bio memory.


The participants can do the Nirahara Samyama just by watching through 1 way i.e

1. Nithyananda TV

2. Sadhna TV

3. Lotus TV

How can I get a 2-way video conferencing connection?

You can reach out to your nearest temple / satsang centre or you can have your own 2-way connection from your home. For more details on how to get a 2-way video conferencing connection, check out the below link: