Meditation techniques
Unclutching through the breath technique

Between the incoming breath and the outgoing breath is a neutral space. Your identity exists in the incoming and outgoing breath spaces. Constantly you can connect and see you are connected when you are aware of your breath. But in the gap of the neutral space your identity does not exist. You don’t connect the gaps, so you jump over this gap.


You think that the breathing space or breathing time is more than the neutral space. This is because you have more thoughts when breathing. Because you give more emphasis to your identity you think that the time of the incoming breath and outgoing breath is more than the time of neutral space. In reality it is not. It is just a psychological game.

Meditation instructions
We will now do a guided meditation for unclutching. Once you have experienced unclutching, you don’t even need to practice any technique. Just remembering the unclutching experience is enough, you will again be in that same space! Only in the beginning you need to relax – just like the hanging bird taking off. Once you take off, you don’t need to bother about anything.

Close your eyes. Sit straight. For the first few moments, inhale and exhale, as deeply as possible.
Slowly start witnessing only the incoming breath. Do not bother about the outgoing breath or the neutral space. Just witness the incoming breath first. Be the witness.  Be aware of the incoming breath.

(After five minutes)

Now slowly start witnessing only the outgoing breath. Forget about the incoming breath or the neutral space. Just witness and be aware of only the outgoing breath.

(After five minutes)

Now slowly, very slowly, be aware of both the neutral spaces – when your incoming breath turns into the outgoing breath, and when your outgoing breath turns into the incoming breath. Be aware. Witness both the neutral spaces alone. Intensely be aware of both the neutral spaces.

(After five minutes)

Now, be aware of the incoming breath, neutral space, outgoing breath, and neutral space.  Be unclutched. Whatever thought comes in your mind do not connect it to anything.  Don’t even think that you are thinking.  Even that idea comes because you connect your thoughts. Everything is just completely independent. So do not connect them and create one more thought that you are thinking.

Let the independent thought bubbles rise and fall. Let the independent thoughts come and go. Do not connect them and think you are thinking. Be unclutched. If they come, let them come. If they go, let them go. Your idea that you are thinking is a lie. Relax from your mind. Let go. Be liberated.

Unclutching – anytime anywhere
When you sit, naturally some thoughts will come. The moment you see a thought coming, do not give meaning to it. You give it meaning only if you connect it with your past. Without giving meaning to it just remember to unclutch, and see what happens. The moment you remember, ‘Let me unclutch from this thought, let me not give meaning to it,’ for a few seconds there will be a small silent gap. The moment you are aware that there is a silence, it will become one more thought. Then unclutch from that thought also. Then, again there will be a gap of a few seconds. Then, one more thought will come, ‘I am in silence’ or ‘I am unclutching’. Unclutch from that thought also. Just the gap or the silence should become longer and longer. That is the whole idea.

Naturally it is the nature of the mind to wander somewhere after a few minutes.  The moment you remember or become aware that the mind has wandered, unclutch. There is no need to have guilt or be agitated that the mind has wandered.  The moment you remember, unclutch, that’s all.

In the initial level it may be very gross, like a solid fight. You may have to utter the word ‘unclutching’ like a mantra*. But in just a few moments, you will see it becomes a subtle process.

With unclutching…
Every moment will be new.
Every moment will be ecstasy.
Every moment will be joy.
Every moment will be excitement.
Unclutching is the source of unending excitement – nithyananda spurana*.

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