Overcome Your Fear!

Listen, if your root patterns are the seed, and your incompletions are the tree, suffering is the fruit, then fear is the sand, the soil on which the seed grows. Fear is the base on which all these incompletions and root patterns grow.

All the incompletions related to greed are only in muscle-memory level; meaning, only a little deeper than your skin. But, all the incompletions related to fear are in your bio-memory level, where your whole body responds from, where your whole body goes through a very poisonous chemical change. It is such a dangerous thing! You allowing the chemical change due to fear is the worst punishment you give to yourself. It is worse than drinking alcohol and smoking. It can cause cancer and more diseases than smoking, drinking or taking drugs. That is why I always insist: work on your completion, get out of fear itself, not the situations which you think cause the fear.

Change of Place Will not Change Your Life!

It is very unfortunate, sometimes we think that by changing the situation we can come out of the fear. But again and again, life will teach you that only by completing you will come out of any fear, never by changing any situation. But what to do? Everybody thinks the solution in front of them is the easiest solution and it will be permanent. No!

Whenever you act from your incompletions of fear and anxiety, it is literally like you are going through an acid bath. At that time, you don’t know this, and you escape from that situation. I have seen in my life, whoever escaped from a situation which creates fear, they die in that same pattern. So, whenever you are attacked by fear and incompletions of fear, don’t change the situation. The first priority should be completing with the fear, completing with your anxiety, completing with your incompletions. Because, when you change the situation, it may give a temporary relief. Incompletions of fear will be complete only with one truth. You need to internalize this one truth: Anything you resist will persist. So, do the completion wherever you are resisting.

Life is Boring Without Completion

Without completion, life will be boring! Anything you do out of incompletion will be boring, even if it is new things. That is why the incomplete society is going mad after these adrenalin related things. Today, you try to go on a roller coaster but that also does not give a ‘kick’; then you move to some other mad entertainment; then finally, you decide do bungee jumping! See, what all you do for the sake of a ‘kick’ and adrenaline!

A small joke:
Wife: Honey, the doctor has advised me to take a month’s vacation in some serene place like Switzerland or Greece. Where shall we go?
Husband: To another doctor!

Understand, unless you change the space of incompletion, nothing, nothing, nothing is going to help you, nothing is going to transform your life. This is a very important truth. Stop changing the situation to save yourself! Start changing the incompletion in you.

Respect Your Life!

Listen! Only when completion starts, only when the incompletions melt down, when you reject incompletions from your cognition, even respect for your life starts. When you respect life, when you understand life, when you respond to life out of completion, life will respond to you out of completion. Only after completion, life starts in you. Only after completion, you even relate with your own life.

Completion brings a deep respect for your life within you. Please listen! Don’t ever think you have respect for your life, you have concern for your life. Any addiction you carry, whether it is alcohol, smoking, or even addiction to worrying, clearly shows you don’t have respect for your life. Don’t take your respect for your life as guaranteed or granted. Because you don’t have respect for your life, life reacts the same way to you.

Full and Fulfilled

Completion means creating a space which is full and where you can live. Completion keeps you full and gives you the space to live! Incompletion keeps you full, but never fulfilled; you will never be able to live there.

All the modern day CEOs and leaders are filled with stress. You are filled, not fulfilled! You are occupied, but not useful! Before making one decision, you will think about it 200 times, so you are tired! Please understand, reduce the bureaucratic stress you create for yourself. Reduce the incompletions you infuse into yourself. Reduce the abuse you do to yourself.

Be Integrated With Who You Want to Be!

Please listen! Maintain Integrity with what you want to BE! Because every thought, whether it happens with awareness or without awareness, gets a ‘tathaastu’ from the Cosmos… a huge ‘tathaastu’, from the Cosmos!

You will have to bear the consequences of your thoughts, whether you want it or not, you are aware of it or not.

Just understand one thing, bring integrity into your thinking; do completion with your thoughts every time you have a thought which is not aligned with what you want to be. Complete every thought which is not aligned with your authenticity, which is not aligned with your mamakara (what you believe as you), ahamkara (what you project as yourself to others), anyakara (others’ expectation from you) and sva anyakara (what you believe about others and life). By bringing integrity into your thinking, you will radiate completion!

Are you Operating from a Pattern or Possibility?

Please listen, whether your inner space is pattern or possibility, can be understood just by looking at the results you produce by your actions. The results you have as the inner and outer reality of your life are the real reflection of the inner space you are carrying which is either a space of patterns or a space of possibility. You need to understand that based on the results you produce, you can very clearly see whether you are established in a space of patterns or possibility.

Stand Up to Your Patterns!

A small story:
A blonde goes to the doctor with both of her ears and her right hand burnt. “Sit down and tell me how it happened,” says the doctor.
“I was ironing my clothes when I received a call. Instead of picking up the phone, I picked up the iron and burned my ear.”
“’What about the other ear and your hand?”
“I tried to call for an ambulance.”

Allowing your patterns to affect your actions and decisions again and again is allowing them to gain power over you. The best way to reach completion is to never allow your pattern to stand up again. Before the fellow stands up, beat it! The biggest problem we have is that today we complete – and if we feel complete, great – then we take rest till the next time when the pattern comes up again and then we feel suffocated. That is wrong. Even if you feel complete, continue the completion process by digging out, digging out, digging out. Ask yourself, ‘Is there any other incompletion, are there any other ideas I carry as impossible?’

Just because you feel light, relieved in your heart, just because the suffocations are less in your heart, don’t think that completion is done. Feeling that no suffocation is there is the first step of completion. With this you get the signal that you are moving in the right direction. The board “Bangalore: 97 Kms” is not Bangalore! The moment you see the board “Bangalore: 97 Kms”, you say, “Come on, great! I have reached Bangalore!” And you just lie down, put your tent and start cooking and rolling on the ground! No! The board “Bangalore: 97 Kms” is not Bangalore itself! Same way, the relief you find for the first few days during the completion is not the end of completion! Completion should be carried on till you become enlightened.

Disown Your Incompletions!

Understand, when a robber, burglar and murderer can become Valmiki overnight, when a womanizer like Arunagirinatha Swami can become a great saint overnight, your incompletions are nothing in front of all of them. In front of Tulsidas’ attachments, your attachments and incompletions are nothing!

Your incompletions will get more and more powerful as long as you associate yourself with them. Don’t constantly associate with that incompletion! Don’t even own up! Just disown! Disowning your incompletions is complete completion. If you are convinced that you have disowned your incompletions, you are complete!

See, there are some incompletions, from which you can simply disassociate yourself. You yourself believe you are disassociated from them. There are some incompletions, even you don’t believe you are disassociated from them. Complete only with those incompletions. Disassociating yourself from all incompletions is real completion.

The more you become complete, the more you become a matured soul. The soul which is complete is equivalent to the soul which has seen life, which has experienced everything. Incompletion makes you more and more immature. Completion makes you more and more matured.

From Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s Daily Morning Talks (Nithya Satsang) on the Subject of Completion in August 2013, Bidadi Ashram, India