Shiva Laksharchana Puja

Sunday, April 14th 12.30pm

A Grand LAKSHARCHANA Puja to Lord Shiva will be performed for the first time at the temple, with HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam’s blessings to mark the auspicious start of the New Year.

Archana is “chanting and glorifying the Divine Name”. 
Laksha is 100,000. 
Laksharchana is chanting the Divine Names as Mantra in a group.



Archana involves describing the many auspicious names of Lord Shiva.

Each Name describes Lord Shiva’s Ananta Kalyana-Guna (infinite auspicious attributes).  Each Name invokes a particular auspicious quality of the Divine & Each Name is also a distinct energetic vibration. When we recall these qualities, we spontaneously draw that particular healing vibration to ourselves and align ourselves with it.

When the chanting is accompanied by the offering of various offerings, the ritual becomes highly potent.​

100 People Chanting Shiva Sahasranama
(Sahasra – 1000 or 1008, Nama – Names) of Lord Shiva together
100*1000 or 1008 = 100,000 or 100,800



The Shiva Sahasranama is a very powerful chant and has references in various Puranas.
In Linga Purana, it is mentioned that Lord Vishnu himself obtained the Sudarshana Chakra by offering this Sahasranama to Lord Shiva.

There are various ways to attain all auspiciousness blessings and attain liberation in different Ages (Yuga).In this Age (Kali Yuga), even a simple practice of nama-smarana, constant awareness of the Name of God helps you in the goal of manifesting all the auspiciousness & liberation.


Lord Nithyanandeshwara (Shiva) is also known as Ashutosha (one who is easily pleased), and BholeNath – Simple, down to earth, grants boons to devotees who sing his praise without any distinction.

He grants not only the boons you ask for, but also the boon beyond all boons – the state of enlightenment.

He is so compassionate, loving & giving, and that for that reason it is mentioned that chanting Sahasranama of Lord Shiva is 100,000 times more beneficial than chanting any other God’s Sahasranama.

Whatever desire you have, make a strong Sankalpa (conscious resolution) during this puja and see it manifest as a reality in your life.


Sankalpa (Conscious Resolution) to Participate & Manifest What You Wish &
An Hour of Your Time to Sit & Enjoy the Chanting

Puja Participation – $51
Limited to First 100* people, including Online Participation

* Call (832) 671-2633 & Register Yourself for Participation

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Join Us & Be Part of this Amazing LAKSHARCHANA Offering to Lord Shiva
& Start your New Year by Getting Showered by Immense Blessings.



1. Your Atma Linga Or Any Shiva Linga if you have one
2. Flowers Or Vibhuti for Archana Offerings
3. A Puja Plate
4. Chant Shiva Sahasranama Along With Us

Download Shiva Sahasra Namavalli

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