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“Experience Aushada”

September 7, 2017 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

September 9 & 10 (Sat & Sun) 8am to 1pm
Two Mornings Workshop with The Avatar H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Experience the State, Space & Powers of Sadashiva with the Science of Aushadha!


A Brand NEW Workshop and Initiation by Swamiji!

Experience the State of Sadashiva

Aushada is the combination of herbs, prana, cosmic force, energies and ultimately the shaktipada of Sadashiva, to give you the experience of the state of Sadashiva – Nirvikalpa Samadhi, complete completion, inner healing and healing all incompletions.

You only need initiaton and your decision to put you in an uncluthed space.

Aushadha is almost like an “enlightenment cream”. Aushadha directly works on your system and puts you in that same state which is programmed in that aushada, the state of Sadashiva.
Aushada is an esoteric science from the Siddha Tradition which is used to achieve the state, space and powers of Sadashiva, and again access to the 25 states of Consciousness.

Watch the latest video HERE on the sacred Aushada preparation process.

More About Aushada

Like a perfect mirror reflects the sun perfectly, so does a perfect body reflect consciousness. The science of Aushada – sacred herbs prepared as per Agama – is a way to make the body like a pure mirror! This science is directly from the Agamas, the direct teachings of Sadashiva & the source books of Hinduism, being revived by an incarnation to raise humanity to the next level of consciousness.

For the first time in human history, Swamiji reveals the science of Aushadha.  

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Workshop Fees: $49



September 7, 2017
8:00 am - 5:00 pm