Saturday, 6 July 2019


Maha Guru Homa Sponsorship: $1500

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Maha Guru Homa is the Ultimate of All Homas – It is a sacred, rare & most powerful fire ritual dedicated to our beloved Guru, HDH Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam.

For the first time, 108 Participants from around the world will be gathering in Houston Kailaasa & Online to offer 108 Guru Homas at a single time as a ritualistic offering of devotion, to receive the ultimate Cosmic blessings.



Happening in the Cosmic Allignment of Skanda Panchami, Magha Nakshatra – The Day of Victory & Success

The Guru Homa has the divine cosmic alignment of Skanda Panchami, Magha Nakshatra – It will have a powerful impact & benefits with such immense blessing to fulfill every aspect in this life & eternity.

Receive the Showering of Blessings in ALL Dimensions
Every Homa blesses us with one dimension. For Example, Mahalakshmi Homa blesses us with the dimension of Wealth.

Guru Homa is the only Homa which brings blessings showered in all dimensions, as Guru is the only one who can help us attain all the wordly seeking, & the Enlightenment itself for now & eternity.

Guru Homa is therefore known as “Raja Homa” – The King of ALL Homas – the Ultimate Offering.

Burn All Your Karmas
Guru is the only one who is ready to take up, cleanse & absolve all our karmas. Guru Homa is a powerful happening to collectively burn lifetimes of karmas.

Experience Beautiful Devotion & Gratitude Towards Guru
Guru Homa has the power to remove even subtle, unconscious blocks towards Guru. It clears all your paths to Guru, for You to experience a beautiful devotional dimension with Guru, with gratitude & bliss .



Puja Sponsership

Maha Guru Homa Sponsership – $1500
Includes Participation in ALL Gurupoornima Celebrations

Gurupoornima Celebrations starts July 6th to July 16th…
You Will be Participating in ALL Gurupoornima Celebrations
*Guru Homa
*Swamiji Abhishekam
*Dakshinamurthy Abhishekam
*Swamiji Laksharchana
*Dial the Avatar Blessings
*1008 Maha Vaakya Chanting Over 10 Days