Ganesh Laksharchana Puja

Ganesh Laksharchana Sponsership – $51

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The Elephant-Headed, Potbellied God, The Darling of All, The Playmate of Children, & The Prime Deity of Vedic Tradition who happened from the very Bio-Memory & Muscle Memory of Devi Parvati, the Mother of the Cosmos!

The Embodiment of Joy
The Embodiment of Spontaneous Completion
The God of Ultimate Wisdom
The One Who Simply Removes ALL Obstacles
The One Who Blesses for Auspicious Beginnings

Lets Experience His Divine Playful Space of Bliss and Auspiciousness on Occasion of Ganesh Chathurthi.



Nithyanandeshwara Paramashiva Hindu Temple Houston Invites you to join us for a Very Special Ritual performed for Lord Ganesha.

Whatever desire you have, make a strong Sankalpa (conscious resolution) during this puja & see it manifest as a reality in your life.

All we have to do is cognize that He is Real in Kailaasa & connect with Him, & sincerely request Him to remove all our obstacles.​

Let us offer this special puja on this auspicious day to Lord Ganesha to remove all obstacles, experience wisdom, success & manifest auspiciousness in ALL dimensions.


Archana involves describing the many auspicious names of the Divine.

Each Name describes the infinite auspicious attributes of the Divine. Each Name invokes a particular auspicious quality of the Divine & Each Name is also a distinct energetic vibration. When we recall these qualities, we spontaneously draw that particular healing vibration to ourselves and align ourselves with it.

When the chanting is accompanied by the offering of various offerings, the ritual becomes highly potent.​

100 People Chanting Ganesh Sahasranama
(Sahasra – 1000 or 1008, Nama – Names) together
100*1000 or 1008 = 100,000 or 100,800


Friday, 21 August 2020
5.30pm Ganesh Abhishekam
7.30pm Ganesh Laksharchana Puja


Puja Participation – $51
All are Welcome to Join Us Online
* Call (832) 671-2633 & Register Yourself for Participation

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What is Needed From You
Sankalpa (Conscious Resolution) to Participate & Manifest What You Wish &
An Hour of Your Time to Sit & Enjoy the Chanting

Join Us & Be Part of the Auspicious Ganesh Laksharchana Puja Offering.
Let us Receive His Divine Blessings.