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YOGITVA – The Secrets of Yoga Revealed

November 22 @ 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm


October 22, 5pm – 10pm at The Zone


Witness Yoga History Being made, and Discover a Breakthrough in your Yoga Practice, And Consciousness Through Yoga!

Nithyananda Yoga is on a World Tour!

“Modern day” Yoga has lost its roots.

Although it’s one of the fastest growing industries in North America, its growth has come at a price.

Despite all of the noise in the yoga community, there are still tons of spiritual seekers craving to experience yoga in its purest form. That’s what this event is all about. To reconnect you with the traditional roots of Yoga, which have been distorted, lost, and manipulated.

Knowing this knowledge will upgrade your practice, your ability to share with others, and most importantly – your own Consciousness.

Enlightened Avatar and Incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda is reviving the MOST authentic forms of yoga by collecting, preserving and translating the very source texts where yoga originated from: ancient Sanskrit palm leaves being discovered throughout India that contain the origins and secrets of yoga as revealed by Sadashiva Himself.

Ancient scriptures recently revived are revealing two incredible forms of authentic yoga: Shivastambha yoga (yoga on the pole) and Kundalini Rajju yoga (yoga on the rope).

These practices are some of the most important discoveries to awaken the kundalini shakti and elevate an individual to experience higher states of consciousness.

On November 22nd for the FIRST TIME EVER, we will be introducing these ancient yogic practices to Texas and YOU can be a part of this historical event.

– Witness Shivastambha and Kundalini Rajju Yoga
– Demonstration of Spiritual Yogic Powers
– Experience Authentic Yoga from the Source, for Manifesting Shaktis (Spiritual Yogic Powers of the Third Eye)

What You Will Experience…
Origins of Yoga – The Source of yoga has been discovered! Hidden within ancient palm leaf scripts, thousands of pramanas, or evidences, have finally been translated and compiled which reveal the yogic sciences humanity once lived…

Experience Authentic Yoga as per the Agamas – Witness a demonstration of two breakthrough yoga practices from the ancient scriptures: Shivastambha Yoga (yoga on the pole) and Kundalini Rajju Yoga (yoga on the rope)…

Witness demonstrations of extraordinary traditional yogic powers by extraordinary yogis whose Third Eye is awakened –

Remote Viewing – By bringing awareness to a distant person, object or location its details will be revealed…

Body Scanning – Yogis will be able to look through the density of the physical body, revealing diseases/disorders and simultaneously healing the body…

Akashic Reading – Balasanths (child monks) initiated into reading the cosmic archives will be available to give free readings to participants, answering any question past, present, or future.

Learn about the Vedic tradition, Hinduism, Agamas, and more!


November 22
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Nithyananda Sangha Houston


The Zone
10371 Stella Link Road
Houston, TX 77025 United States
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